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Artificial Intelligence for Clinical Management
CARES4WOUNDS Wound Management System

Tetsuyu CARES4WOUNDS is a Wound Care Imaging, Assessment and Management System. Our C4W-A device is listed in the HSA Class A Medical Device Register.

Ready to see CARES4WOUNDS in action?

Experience the CARES4WOUNDS Wound Care Management System via an online demo or try the physical prototype* in-person with our technology experts.

*Supports iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

Portability and ease of use
Start the wound management process with light-weight hardware consisting of a Occipital Structure Sensor and an Apple iPad or iPhone with CARES4WOUNDS installed*
Increase productivity
Increase Productivity
A typical wound management session, from imaging to treatment plans, is completed within 1 minute using CARES4WOUNDS
Early Interventions
Wound tissue classification powered Automated Wound Management (AWOMA) artificial intelligence helps to detect early wound infections
Reduced Risk
Wound imaging, measuring & assessment using CARES4WOUNDS is a non-contact process, making it a painless and infection risk-free experience for patients
Raise quality of care
Improve Quality Of Care
Our real-time remote monitoring, supervision and escalation features ensure that tasks and procedures are met with consistency and accuracy
Better care outcomes for patients
Better Healing Outcomes For Patients
The greatest benefit from using CARES4WOUNDS – early detection, timely interventions and accurate care delivery for your patients

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